Frosted Window FIlm Commercial Application in Los Angeles

Frosted window film is the perfect solution for adding decorative accents or a little privacy to your home by enhancing the look of residential and commercial window applications at a fraction of the expense of replacing the existing glass with etched or frosted glass.

llumar frosted window film

Scaffolding being used to reach the taller glass during this frosted window film installation.

frosted window film los angeles

Frosted window film being applied to commercial office building in Los Angeles

frosted window tint Los Angeles

In progress picture of the frosted window film being applied to the higher panels of glass. Frosted Window film is a privacy film and still allows about one third of the visible light in through the glass while rejecting close to 99% of harmful UV rays.

frosted window film commercial building

A look out as this frost window film application is almost completed.

frosted window film applied to commercial glass

The finished project. The frosted window film adds privacy and protection from the sun, while drastically improving the aesthetics of the room.

commercial window film application in los angeles

Another great picture of the completed window film installation. Frosted window film is an extremely cost effective alternative to having the glass itself etched and provides the convenience of being able to remove the film if you one day choose to.

Most window film applications can be completed in a half or a full day, depending on the size and quantity of the windows. If you’re looking to have your home or business’s window tinted for UV solar protection, privacy, and aesthetics, give us a call to schedule a completely free consultation. We’ll come out to you, answer any questions you have and show you the different film options. You’ll be able to feel the difference in heat rejection and see how they film looks on your windows. We look forward to hearing from you.