Frosted Window Film for Homes in Los Angeles

The heat and glare of the sun shining through the glass walls or windows may be extremely annoying at times. However, now you may put an end to that daily suffering by putting in frosted window films. With the heat and glare being blocked out by the frosted films, you now can enjoy the gorgeous view of your landscape outside. The self-adhesive, stylish films don’t just offer creative vision yet also aesthetic value and privacy to a home.

Frosted Window Film is an Anti-Glare Film

Frosted window film includes the most recent adhesive technology which has become extremely popular amongst architects and designers. The film may easily be applied to a smooth glass surface like in glass walls. It’ll work to subdue or cushion the glaring light from the outside sun to offer a cool and soft interior lighting. Adhesive frosted window films permit light to be filtered, yet without the heat. Window frosting application upon an otherwise see-through glass wall also will efficiently save energy as the AC unit is turned on.

Privacy Frost

Frosted Privacy Window Film applied in bathroom

Privacy Frost

Privacy Window FIlm (Frost)

Security & Privacy with Frost Window Film

Also, frosted window films may be utilized to create security and privacy. It’s ideal particularly if the glass fittings on doors and windows are designed of clear glass. In addition, they may serve well as a practical alternative to blinds and drapes, particularly with decorative frostings. Glass which was applied using frosted films, particularly the quality ones, would look like they’re factory-frosted glass from far away. However, frosting expenses would represent just a small fraction of the actual factory-frosted glass cost.

Privacy Frost

Privacy Window Film

Wide Variety of Frosted Films

Such window films are highly versatile. They also can be extensively used for additional applications. They’re available in a variety of designs and colors, from decorative to plain. You may apply borders for the films as you lay them out on glass surfaces. You also can pick a different image or pattern which you have in mind. You even can tailor the design according to your unique needs.
Frosted window films are available in a light frost or full frost that permits shadows to be visible. Due to its adaptability, it may be an extra renovation tool which may generate a totally amazing and new look as it’s applied. As a matter of fact, its possible to spruce your space up by applying the film on specific glass fittings inside the home.

Privacy Frost

Decorative Frost window film was applied to windows. This is call the “Frosted Vine”

Decorative frost

Decorative Frosted Window Film

Frosted Window Film vs Frosted Glass

Plain glass frosting is easy and inexpensive to apply as compared with factory frosting. You may even do it yourself if you possess the willingness and skills. But, special care must be taken in putting on the frosting. It’s because these films are of such value that installation mistakes must be avoided. If you do not have the experience to do it by yourself or you merely want to appreciate the luxury of watching as they’re installed, give us a ring at 310-935-1748.

Privacy Frost

Frosted window film for closets
(Grey colored Frost)

Privacy Frost

Color Frosted Window Film was applied to these closet doors

Privacy Frost

Frosted Window Film For Privacy

Privacy Frost

Frost Window Film for Privacy