Frosted Window Film for Los Angeles Home

Glass windows and doors are a major part of homes and offices. Glass provides a distinctive elegant look, however it provides very little privacy. Installing window film can help you add the perfect level of privacy that you are looking for. Window film can be applied anywhere you like. For this client we installed frosted film on the doors of their closet.

Some common places include, bathrooms, bedrooms, and conference rooms. In addition to increasing privacy, there are a few other benefits that offering window film offers. Here are a few examples.

Window film aids in reducing glare. Too much sunlight can create an uncomfortable glare and heat, which makes it challenging to relax, slumber, and work especially during the warmer months. Window tint helps to get rid of extreme sunlight and protects you from the harsh sun.

The film allows you to add privacy to your space without sacrificing light. Windows and doors with clear glass do not provide much personal space. Privacy film allows you to hide things that you would prefer to keep private.

Window film blocks 99.9% of UV rays. UV rays are known for causing premature aging and cancer! These rays also cause fading of furniture, floors, and artwork in your home or office. Blocking these harmful rays will assist in preventing premature fading.

As you can see, frosted window film is a durable versatile product that will allow sunlight while adding a high level of privacy at the same time. Call Window Tint LA today to schedule your free consultation! We offer various different types of privacy films. We will come to you, Provide you with samples that will be yours to keep, and give you an estimate on the spot! Call today, we are open 7 days a week!

light frost window film

Closet doors before window film installation

decorative frost window tinting

Gray frost window tint applied to closet doors

window frost los angeles

Close up image of frost window film

residential window tinting

Professionally installed window film in Los Angeles home

residential window tinting near me

Window film includes a lifetime warranty!

huper optik dusted crystal privacy frost

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