Reduce Glare in Your Office or Home with Glare Reduction Film

Have you ever found yourself struggling to see your computer screen, TV, or phone due to the harsh glare of interior sunlight?

Sun glare was a major problem for this Downtown L.A. office. To reduce the amount of glare caused by unchecked sunlight entering the property’s windows, we installed Huper Optiks Ceramic 40 window tint.

Huper Optiks Ceramic 40 blocks 53% of the sun’s glare, 99,9% of harmful UV light, and 80% of the sun’s infrared heat. This window film comes backed by a 15 year commercial warranty, which is supported both by Huper Optik USA, the manufacturer, and by us, Window Tint LA, your friendly Los Angeles window tint experts.

So… is sun glare a problem in your office or home? If so, don’t spend another minute squinting and don’t simply close the blinds and block all the light; just contact us today. We offer completely free consultations, and during the in-person consultation we will measure your property’s glass, bring you window film samples, make a tinting recommendation based on your needs, and answer all of your questions.

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Glare Reduction Film

To reduce glare in this Downtown Office we applied Huper Optiks Ceramic 40 window tint

glare reduction Film

Reducing glare in workplace makes working on the computer more comfortable and enhances productivity

How to Reduce Glare inside Office

Huper Optiks Ceramic 40 reduces glare by over 50%

Glare Reduction Film

Glare Reduction Film

how to reduce glare in home

glare reduction film

All of our Huper Optik Window Film comes with a 15 year commercial warranty.

glare reduction film

Unlike other films, Huper Optiks Glare Reduction Film Will NOT turn purple, peel, or bubble with time.

glare ruction film

Huper Optik Caremic 40 reduces glare, heat, and cuts out 99.9% of UV light

glare reduction film

how to reduce sun glare

glare reduction film

Installation in Progress

Glare reduction film

Window Film Installation in Progress

Glare Reduction Film

Ceramic 40 applied to 6th floor of Downtown L.A. office