Glare Reduction Window Film For Santa Clarita Grocery Store

This local grocery store was in need of reducing the glare that the store receives at the end of the day. Our consultant visited the grocery store and suggested various different films that will solve this problem. Our client decided on Madico Sunscape Purelite 60.

The Purelite window film is a unique product that was generated to be an extremely light film that provides steady solar performance while appearing neutral on glass. If soft light is the effect you want, this is the window film for you.

Here are a few specs for this film:

Total Solar Energy Rejection: 43%
Infrared Rejection: 85%
Glare Reduction: 33%
UV Reduction: 99%

Based on the specs above, this film will not only reduce the glare inside the store but it will also reduce heat, which will make it more comfortable for both employees and customers. The built in UV protection will assist with preventing fading and discoloring of the floors and any artwork inside. This film is sure to solve the glare problem as well as provide many additional benefits.

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non reflective commercial window tint glare reduction

Window film installed to reduce glare

anti glare film

View of windows from inside store.

window film for heat and glare

Professionally installed window film

heat blocking commercial window film

Window tint installed to reduce heat inside the store.

window tinting in santa clarita

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