Hawthorne Window Tinting

We offer customers in Hawthorne window tint for homes, offices, government facilities, and more. Our high quality window film can offer everything from window tint for privacy, glare reduction, and reduced interior warming. Window tint adds value to your property and often pays for itself in lowered cooling costs. Whether you want window tint for office space you manage or you’re interested in residential window tint for your own home, you won’t find a better selection of window film or a more experienced team of window tint installers anywhere in or around Hawthorne, CA than our team.

In Hawthorne home window tint can reduce your household’s annual electrical costs by hundreds of dollars: the more windows you have, the more sunlight streams into your residence and warms up the interior. Heat rejection window film can allow for plenty of Visible Light Transfer (or VLT) while blocking most of the invisible, hot infrared light that makes your home uncomfortably hot and necessitates using the air conditioning.

Privacy window tint makes your Hawthorne home a more pleasant, secure-feeling place for you and your family. Whether you choose one way privacy window tint that blocks the view into but not out of your home, or if you choose frosted window tint that lets in light but not sight, you can enjoy the benefits of natural light but not the unwanted view of people outside.

Upgrading your residence in Hawthorne with security window film is one of the best ways make sure your family and your possessions are safe. This ultra strong window film will hold glass together even after it has been cracked with a hammer or brick, preventing illegal entry and potential theft.

Our commercial window tint customers comes to use for privacy window tint for offices, for solar rejection window tint that reduces cooling costs and saves money on energy bills, for safety window film that protects staff, visitors, and property, and for architectural/decorative window film that improves the look of a facility. Window tint offers more than just functional benefits like energy savings an increased security: it can add major aesthetic appeal to your business in Hawthorne. Decorative window films come in finishes ranging from the modern metallic to more classical etched and patterned designs to colored tints that add style to a building.

And whether you are interested in home window tint or commercial window tinting, most all of our window film treatments add another great benefit: UV protection. Window tint can block up to 99% of the harmful ultraviolet light that fades and discolors furniture, floors, and decorations, and which can even damage skin. Reduced UV is just one more benefit you’ll gain from a window tint installation completed by Window Tint LA.