Heat Reduction For Los Angeles Airport Hotel

Temperatures in Southern California can be intolerable at times. The warmer months are vastly approaching and many California residents are trying to find ways to cool down. Installing window tint to your windows will decrease the demand of your air conditioner. With window film you will also see a noticeable reduction in your energy bill, as the film with aid with insolation.

We installed Huper Optik Ceramic 40 window film in the restaurant of this Los Angeles Airport Hotel. In addition to blocking the maximum amount of heat, this film also blocks 99.9% of dangerous UV rays. Blocking these rays protects your floors, furniture and other valuables from fading. Installing this window film will also diminish glare by 59%, helping to lower eyestrain when looking at computer or television screens.

This installation is sure to make dining in this restaurant a more pleasurable experience for the guests of the hotel. All of our films come with a 15-year commercial warranty. The warranty covers both the film and installation. This film will not peel, fade, or bubble. We promise you’ll love it, or we’ll replace it.

Call Window Tint LA at 310-935-1748 for a completely free consultation. We will measure your glass, give you free film samples that are yours to keep, answer your questions, and provide a quote on the spot! Call anytime, 7 days a week!

window film installation huper optik ceramic

Image of restaurant before window film installation

solar window film reduce heat uv protection

Ceramic window film guaranteed not to peel, fade, or bubble!

different types of commercial window film

Window film blocks UV rays to prevent fading of floors and furniture

commercial window tinting los angeles

Window film allows you to keep a natural view when looking out

window film heat glare

Window film includes 15 year commercial warranty

window tinting for business

Window film installed to reduce heat and glare

window tinting commercial

Close up of windows from the outside

ceramic huper optik

View of windows from the outside looking in.