Heat Reduction for Los Angeles Home

Applying window film to your windows can decrease the amount of heat that enters your home or business, which can reduce your energy bills. Window Tint LA specializes in applying window films for homes and businesses. We recommend installing Huper Optik, they are the best performing films on the market. These films are 100% dye and metal free ceramic. These films also offer the best warranty.

For this beautiful Los Angeles home we installed Huper Optik Ceramic 50 window film. The homeowners were interested in heat reduction to cool the temperatures inside the home. Listed below are a few of the wonderful qualities this film provides.

1. Visible Light Transmission 50%
2. Infrared Rejection 68%
3. UV Light Rejection 99.9%
4. Total Solar Energy Rejected 50%
5. Glare Reduction 45%

As shown above, this film will help protect your belongings inside your home by blocking UV rays. It also reduces glare, which makes watching television and viewing computer screens more comfortable. In addition, the film will never peel, bubble, or fade and also offers a lifetime residential warranty!

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heat blocking residential window film

Prior to having window film installed, homeowner was using a shade to reduce heat.

tint for a house that reduces heat

Photo before window film is installed.

home window tinting

Before installing Huper Optik Ceramic 50 to reduce heat.

window film heat glare

window film heat glare

After installing Huper Optik Ceramic 50 window film.

huper optik ceramic

Huper Oktik Ceramic 50 blocks heat and allows a natural view when looking out.

ceramic huper optik

Removing the drapes allows for a natural view when looking in and out of windows.

uv window film

Huper Optik Ceramic 50 film also rejects 99.9% of harmful UV rays!

non reflective residential window tint glare reduction

Ceramic 50 reduces glare by 45% making viewing computer screens and televisions more comfortable