Heat Reduction and Privacy Film For Los Angeles Home

When you have high windows, tall ceilings and beautiful views you don’t want to cover them with curtains or blinds. Good thing we live in a time where there are different options that you can choose from to come up with a solution. The best option that will have the best solution and help in multiple areas would be Window Film.

With window film you can get privacy while keeping a natural view from the inside looking out and a mirror reflective look for the outside looking in. You can also block harmful UV rays and reduce heat, which will save you money on your monthly energy bill. Lets just say with window film you can do a lot of things and not block/cover those beautiful windows.

Window Tint LA offers a free consultation. We can come out bring you film samples which are yours to keep, measure your windows and answer all of your questions. Call today at (310)935-17489 or click the link above and we will send out one of our senior consultants to help with all of your tinting needs.

Privacy Film

Keep a natural view looking out with privacy film

uv Protection

Block 99.9% of harmful UV rays

UV Protection

Prevent health issues caused be UV Rays

UV Protection

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