Heat Rejecting Window Film In Los Angeles Home

Los Angeles has a census estimated population of 3,967,322 residents, making Los Angeles the second highly populated city in the United States. This city is absolutely fabulous, there are so many trendy shops, fine dining, museums and art to indulge your artistic side and you have easy access to the peaceful coast. However Los Angeles is also known for sweltering summer heat. When the temperatures are searing that increases the heat in your home. Putting up blinds and draperies seems like this well help the issue but in fact they retain more heat. Window film is a practical and efficient way to lower the temperatures in your home.

We installed Huper Optik Select Drei and Huper Optik Seclect Sech film in this beautiful home to allow in the maximum amount of light, but reject the maximum amount of heat without increasing the visual reflectivity of the glass. This german brand is leading the way in the industry with its nanotechnology window film.These films reduce the amount of solar energy in your home but also block 99% of uv rays. Huper Optik’s window film has reduced 100 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions. Not only is this company dedicated to reducing carbon foot print but they offer the highest performing films on the market.

Select Drei Specs:

Visible Light Transmission: 35%

Total Solar Energy Rejection: 70%

UV Rejection: 99%

Infrared Reduction: 98%

Glare Reduction:61%

Select Sech Specs:

Visible Light Transmission: 59%

Total Solar Energy Rejection: 54%

UV Rejection:99%

Infrared Reduction: 83%

Glare Reduction:34%

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Heat Rejecting Window Film In Los Angeles Home

Before we installed window film to prevent the floors, furniture and other materials in the home from fading

Heat Rejecting Window Film In Los Angeles Home

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Heat Rejecting Window Film In Los Angeles Home

After we applied Huper Optik’s heat blocking window film

Heat Rejecting Window Film In Los Angeles Home

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Heat Rejecting Window Film In Los Angeles Home

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