Heat Resistant Window Film For Home, Los Angeles

A great and effective solution to reduce heat entering your home is by adding window film. We recently applied Huper Optiks ceramic 60 film to a Los Angeles home in the 90045 area. The owner was looking for a solution to  reduce heat entering his home without obstructing the view.

Huper Optiks ceramic 60 was the perfect choice for this project because the film provides a natural view out and it reduces the infrared heat entering the home. In addition to reducing heat entering the home, Huper Optiks ceramic 60 blocks 99.9% of UV rays which are responsible for fading of floors and furniture.

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All of the films we carry include a lifetime residential and 15 year commercial warranty covering film and installation.

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Huper Optiks Ceramic films help block incoming heat from the sun, while maintaining a natural view out.

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All our films come with Lifetime Residential Warranty and 15 years Commercial Warranty. Our films will never fade, bubble, or peel. Call us today to set up a free consultation (310)935-1748.

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Huper Optiks Ceramic 60 film was applied to this beautiful home in Los Angeles. The film reduces the amount of heat entering the home and blocks 99.9% of harmful UV rays


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The Huper Optik Ceramic 60 Window Film comes with a lifetime residential warranty and commercial fifteen-year limited product warranty. This film also reduces glare and fading of interior upholstery. Not just that but also saves energy by reducing fuel/electricity consumption.


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Hüper Optik nanotechnology residential window films not only greatly reduce the amount of heat (solar energy) in your home, they also reject 99.9% of the sun’s ultraviolet rays. These ultraviolet rays are a significant cause of skin problems and fading of home interiors. While protecting valuable home furnishings, the nonreflective films have the added feature of low reflectivity at night so that the view is not obscured.


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Huper Optiks Ceramic 60 Window Film Rejects 60% of Infrared Heat.


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Huper Optiks Ceramic 60 Window Film Rejects 60% of Infrared Heat.