Hollywood Hills Window Tinting

Window Tint LA is proud to be the leading installer of commercial window tint and residential window tint in Hollywood Hills. Our team has completed home window film projects for mansions and bungalows alike, and we work with Hollywood Hills businesses of all types and sizes.

Whether you are considering window tint for office or residential windows, the benefits are the same: lowered energy bills through reduced cooling costs, privacy window tint that makes your interior safe from unwanted eyes, better security against break-ins or accidental damage, and a better looking property thanks to decorative or frost window film.

We offer our customers in and around Hollywood Hills window tint consultations at their property and at no cost or obligation. For our commercial clients with larger facilities such as office towers or large retail spaces, we can even conduct potential energy costs savings models: both residential and commercial window tint customers stand to save enough on their annual electric bills to pay for the cost of a window film installation many times over during the course of the 25 years that our high quality window tint will remain in good working order.

Window film blocks out a large portion of the infrared (or IR) sunlight responsible for heating up interior spaces, blocking out these rays while still allowing for a high degree of visible light transfer (or VLT). That means your property gets the benefits of both cooler interiors and plenty natural light at the same time. Your HVAC costs will drop but you won’t have to turn to electric lights to compensate. These window films also reduce the glare of the sunlight, making it easier to see screens and generally more pleasant.

Window tint also reduces ultraviolet light (UV light) by as much as a staggering 99.9%, meaning your Hollywood Hills home or business will be protected against the damage sunlight can cause to floors, furniture, and more. UV light is the leading culprit behind discolored hardwood, faded carpets and upholstery, and bleached artwork and documents. UV light is also harmful to skin, so blocking it out protects both your property and the wellbeing of all within.

Our privacy window tint can totally block the view into your residence or commercial location while still making it easy for those inside to see out in the lovely and historic Hollywood Hills. Privacy window tint can come in the form of reflective (mirror effect) finish or can simply be a darkened, one-way view film.

We also offer frost window tint that blocks the view in or out through a window but still allows in natural light. These window films are perfect for the street level business that wants discretion, such as a medial or legal practice.

Last, don’t forget about the amazing benefits security window film offers your home or business: privacy window tint is a start, but when you choose security window film, you can ensure your windows are shatter-proof. The glass may crack into a spider web pattern when struck, but it will not break into pieces, thus barring access and keeping people safe from dangerous shards and slivers.