Home Safety Window Film in Wrigley – the Southland Version

“This strengthening of the window glass can be a deterrent for culprits hoping for quick entry into your home.”

Residents in the rather cozy and historic district of Long Beach could understand the attraction of home safety window film, in Wrigley, in the mid-west portion of town north of Pacific Coast Highway (1). By today’s standards the mostly residential district is not much of a suburb. But in its beginnings it was just that; they say it was “one of the first communities established in Long Beach.” Judging by its location alone one can see why: proximity to the ocean and the city proper (downtown Long Beach), plenty of sunshine, cool, relaxing weather, transportation hubs nearby. Homeowners could bolster the overall vibe with home safety window film.

Long Beach Neighborhood with Iconic American Lineage

You could guess that the community name has something to do with the chewing gum – and maybe even fabled Wrigley Field in Chicago. It’s true: the name comes from William Wrigley Jr., owner and founder of the Wrigley Spearmint Gum Empire. He and the company were so active in Los Angeles back in the day that a big minor league baseball stadium, also called Wrigley Field, was constructed in Los Angeles and once hosted Major League Baseball teams before more modern facilities sprouted. But in mid-west Long Beach you probably can’t get the connection. Here lies modest, older single-family homes many of which could use some home improvement tender loving care including for home safety window film.

The Case for Home Safety Window Film in Wrigley and Nearby

Not that the Wrigley neighborhood of Long Beach, as well as nearby neighborhoods like that around Poly High or the sub-neighborhoods Wrigley Heights or South Wrigley, need extraordinary safety measures. For the most part Wrigley is a safe place for families to live and raise children. But when one talks about security or safety window film, more can be involved than deterring crime. Not that thwarting criminal acts is not part of the package with safety window film in Wrigley. It can do plenty of that, holding damaged window glass in place instead of disappearing into a pile of small sharp tiny objects. This strengthening of the window glass can be a deterrent for culprits hoping for quick entry into your home.

Windows: Least Secure Points of Homes

Think about it: windows are the least-secure point of a structure. These are huge openings in exterior walls protected by nothing but glass. Strike an unprotected window and a human body can quickly jump through the opening. With home safety window film in Wrigley and nearby neighborhoods the glass gets held together, albeit cracked, usually still connected to the frame. It’s one more obstacle and one that could stop a criminal act in mid form. Also, think about humans and animals inside. With a residential window film they are not in jeopardy of injury from flying shards of glass; window film keeps it all intact.

Improve the Look and Re-Sale Value of Your Home

But by working with us you can customize your home window film in Wrigley to deter would-be criminals before they act – and also possibly add to the aesthetic appearance and overall value of your property. Window films come in a large variety of tint shades and even what they call “decorative” window film like frosted, that can distort visuals from the outside-in. Burglars are less likely to attempt an entry if they can’t see what’s inside. These glass touches look great from the street and can help differentiate your property from all the others in Wrigley upon re-sale time.

Wrigley of Long Beach at a Glance

The unofficial Wrigley neighborhood boundary is pretty symmetrical: simply the San Diego Freeway (405) and PCH in the north and south, and the Los Angeles River and Long Beach Boulevard west and east. Across the river and over the Long Beach Freeway (710) lies what is known as West Side; go over the 405 freeway and to the northeast you find the historic California Heights neighborhood.

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