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Glendale, CA is one of the fastest growing cities in Southern California. It has long been known as a safe haven perfect for families who love their homes and take advantage of all the conveniences of a self-contained, highly functional city nestled into the greater Los Angles area. Glendale has its own school system, its own police and fire forces, and offers myriad of opportunities for restaurants, shopping, and activities, including museums, theaters, parks, and more.

These days, Glendale is seeing a construction boom that is bringing more and more people to the city every month. Many of the new residents are young professionals who move into the many newly constructed apartment buildings in Glendale, while others are young families looking for a first single family home to call their own residence. While quality of life in Glendale has never been better, so too has the cost of living never been higher. If you and your family are looking for a savvy way to make your home more cost effective in Glendale, window tint is a wise move.

Why? Because window tint keeps your home cooler, and a cooler home costs less thanks to reduced energy use, it’s that simple.

The temperature regularly passes the 90-degree mark in Glendale in the summer, and the heat can be in the 80s during almost any month of the year, so many houses run air conditioners quite often. That sends up the electric bill — in fact, HVAC costs account for as much 50% of the annual power bill of most Glendale homes. So you can reduce your cost of living by applying residential window tint in Glendale. Window film blocks out a large portion of the sun’s hot infrared light, keeping the inside of your home cooler. But it does not block visible sunlight, so the residence will stay bright and welcoming. Window tinting also adds insulation to the windowpanes that can allow standard windows to work as well as double paned energy efficient windows, a welcome upgrade in the older homes in Glendale that have thinner windows that allow too much temperature transfer.

Even though Glendale is one of the safest cities in Southern California, it never hurts to use precaution to protect your home. Window film will enhance security by making glass panes virtually shatter proof and will make them resist breaking apart and thus allowing a thief to get into your home. Security window film could be the difference between a window that needs to be replaced losing irreplaceable valuables from your home.

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Applying window film to your windows will block 99.9% of harmful UV rays!

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Window film allows you to maintain your natural light and view!

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Protect your glass from shattering with security film

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Window film includes a lifetime warranty!

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