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Home Window Tint Irvine

For this home in Irvine, CA, we applied two different window films. In the living room, family room, den, and dining area we applied Huper Optiks Ceramic 70% and for the skylights we applied Exterior Neutral 40%

Huper Optik’s Ceramic 70% is a clear window film and appeals to people who don’t want dark window tint. It’s also popular for homes where Home Owners Associations (HOA) don’t  permit window tint. HOA’s worry that adding window tint will alter the aesthetics but adding an undetectably clear ceramic film doesn’t alter the appearance. Although the film is nearly clear, it blocks 99.9% of all harmful UV rays which are responsible for the fading of floors, furnishings and the leading know cause of skin cancer and premature skin aging, blocks 88% of infrared heat and 48% total solar energy.

For the skylights we applied Huper Optiks Exterior Neutral 40%

If you’re considering tinting skylights, there are many factors to consider like the type of glass, shape of the skylights and the type of film you plan on applying.

If the wrong film is applied to your skylights they will absorb too much of the sun’s radiation. If your skylights absorb too much heat it can cause stress on the glass and cause it to break, or crack and promote water leakage. Be careful when considering adding tint to your skylights and make sure you have an expert asses your skylights and recommend the right film. Here at Window Tint LA, we provide completely free consultations, we’ll come to you, bring you film samples and make the right recommendation for your skylights- consultations are completely free.

There are many benefits that come with adding window film to skylights:

1.) Protect Furnishing, carpet, hardwood floors, art work, and photos from fading.

2.) Reduce Glare

3.) Reduce Hot Spots

4.) Block All Harmful UV Rays

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Home window tint Irvine, CA 92603

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Home window tint Irvine, CA 92603

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Home window tint Irvine, CA 92603

Home window tint, Irvine