Home Window Tinting in Bell Canyon: What You Need to Know

The draw of home window tinting in Bell Canyon, a cozy gated community connected to West Hills in the western San Fernando Valley, is evident. While Bell Canyon residents appreciate the security of the gates and surrounding hills, the area is prone to powerful sun rays and waves of dry heat. Many Bell Canyon homes are relatively large structures, making it difficult (or just costly) to keep all the square footage cool enough. Add to that large windows, and many of them, and the battle to beat the heat could be never-ending. Enter residential window tinting in this hidden gem of the Valley.

Improve Your Home’s Look, while Adding Cooling and Security

Probably not everyone living in Bell Canyon has thought of using window tint on home glass. In the Valley area nearly everyone is aware of window tint on cars, as it’s a hot spot for cars, and for auto enthusiasts who like to customize their rides. You see that all the time on major boulevards in nearby Woodland Hills and even Chatsworth. But for homes? You’d be surprised how many window tint films are made just for homes, to make them look better from the street, to protect from the sun, or to provide more privacy and security. While there’s little crime in Bell Canyon, there are nosy intruders from time to time, and why let them see easily into your home’s interior?

Combat the Sun’s Rays in Bell Canyon with Home Window Tinting

A major element for home window tinting in Bell Canyon is combating the sun’s rays. Ever notice a spot inside the home where the sun seems to bake day in and day out? Maybe the corner of the living room, or that spot in your bedroom? Well, long-term those places can feature faded carpeting, or drapes so dried they’re about to fall off the hooks. The sun’s ultraviolet rays (UV rays) are powerful and are known to cause skin cancer. But UV rays, along with infra-red rays (IR rays), hurt properties too. In the long run, letting these rays beat upon furniture, carpets and more can be a costly mistake.

Go One Up on the Neighbors with Home Window Tinting

While Bell Canyon is considered small with more than 2,000 residents, it’s a well-knit community where neighbors talk, socialize together and, yes, compete. Ever cruised down Bell Canyon streets during the holidays? It’s a game of one-upmanship for house and yard decorations. True, also, is the competition for making homes look different or better (without raising the ire of the homeowners’ association). Decorative window tinting can add much to a home’s façade; and just going with a darker tint shade can change dramatically what is known as a home’s “elevation” – how it appears from the curb.

Safety and Security Important for Bell Canyon Residents

The unincorporated community of Bell Canyon is a neat place, enclosed by rolling hills and separated from the San Fernando Valley not only by the gates but a county line (It’s in Ventura County but not connected to that county directly by road; its streets feed into West Hills). Its residents appreciate their relative anonymity, and safety. The median income here is about $230,000 a year, making it the seventh-wealthiest community in California. Home window tinting in Bell Canyon is a wise investment to increasing privacy inside your home, and darker tint shades can add that much more security and peace of mind. For more information about Bell Canyon home window tinting call us today!


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Security Film

Prevent your glass from shattering in case of Break ins

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Protect your family against harmful UV rays

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