Huntington Park Window Tinting

Installing window tint in your Huntington Park, CA home or place business is about the easiest and moist affordable ways you can improve the property. Window tint improves your home or office, retail space, or other facility in ways spanning the list from better security to more privacy to reduced electric bills. Window tint will often pay for itself in as little year or two thanks to those lowered energy bills, and the high quality window films used by Window Tint LA are designed to last for a quarter century or longer.

Huntington Park Commercial Window Film

Businesses, government facilities, and schools will all benefit from window tint.

Solar rejecting window tint blocks a huge amount of the sunlight’s hot infrared rays, making interior spaces cooler and more comfortable and lowering a property’s HVAC costs. As cooling costs are so often the biggest percent of an electric bill, window tint can lower overall electric bills dramatically, especially during those hottest, sunny days of summer and early fall in Southern California.

Window film is a great security enhancement for a business: it makes windows highly resistant to being shattered. Just as a car windshield won’t split into little shards in an accident, windows coated with security window film will stand up to a criminal’s hammer or to debris caused by an accident, weather or even a disaster.

Privacy window tint is a great idea for schools, medical or law practices, and for most any other commercial or government institution where the property’s occupants deserve discretion and protection against unwanted viewers. We offer reflective privacy films that will create a one way mirror effect for those outside; we also offer dark tinting that can’t be seen through from the street; both of these types of privacy window tints allow a clear view out though the windows into lovely Huntington Park, of course.

Huntington Park Residential Window Film

Protect and your resident and reduce your electric bills with window tint.

Window tint will lower your Huntington Park home’s power bills by blocking hot solar rays that may be invisible to the eye but that can easily be felt as your home heats up. Our heat rejection solar window tint block most of the infrared light that heats up your residence, reducing your need for air conditioning or fans to cool things down to comfortable levels. Your home’s energy consumption will drop the very same day the installation of your residential window tint is completed.

Residential window tint can also block almost all of the UV light that’s the leading cause of faded floors and discolored upholstery and furnishings. If your Huntington Park home has hardwood floors or carpets, protect your flooring from sun damage by choosing window film. (And if you want to see why window tint is important for your home, try moving furniture or a carpet that has been in the same place for a long period of time; you’ll see the floor that was covered looks different than flooring exposed damaging UV light!)

We install several different types of privacy window tint for homes in Huntington Park. You can choose one way privacy window film that allows a view out but not in, or frosted window tint that allows in light but blocks the view both ways (a great choice for bathrooms). Note that privacy window film can even improve the aesthetics of your residence, serving as a decorative element just the way new paint helps the walls.