Home Window Tint – Hollywood Hills

The owners of this beautiful Los Angeles home were interested in reducing the amount of heat entering their home and rejecting harmful UV rays.

When our consultant met with the homeowners he brought film samples, measured the glass and answered all questions. After discussing their concerns our senior consultant knew the perfect film to solve their problems was Huper Optik’s Ceramic 70.

Huper Optik Ceramic films are 100% dye and metal free. Since there is no dye, the film provides the most natural view when looking out and there is no dye to fade over time. These films also offer the best warranty. The lifetime residential warranty covers both the film and the installation.

Some benefits of this film are listed below:

1. Visible Light Transmission: 71%
2. Visible Light Reflectance: 10%
3. Infrared Rejection: 88%
4. UV Light Rejection: 99%
5. Total Solar Energy Rejected: 48%
6. Glare Reduction: 21%

ceramic window tint home

Image of window without Huper Optik ceramic 70 film

ceramic huper optik

Image of windows before window film installation

ceramic huper optik

Window before installing film to block heat and UV rays


heat blocking residential window film

Window before installing Huper Optik window film


Here are photos of the windows after the film has been installed:

uv window film

Huper Optik ceramic 70 window film installed to reduce the amount of heat entering the home.

uv blocking window film

Window film blocks harmful UV rays to prevent fading of floors, furniture, and other valuables

cut sunlight heat

Window film installed to reduce heat and glare in this Los Angeles home

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