Huper Optik Frost Film for Los Angeles Business

Adding privacy film to your business can increase the aesthetics of your location. For this Los Angeles business we installed Huper Optik frost film. The frost film blocks visibility when looking in and out the windows. Although, visibility is blocked the film still allows up to 73% of light into the space.

In addition to adding privacy, this film has several other benefits:

1. Blocks 99.9% of UV Rays
2. Reduces glare by 19%
3. Rejects up to 25% of solar energy

We recommend Huper Optik because these are the best films on the market. This film includes a 15-year commercial warranty. This warranty covers both the film and the installation. These films will never peel, fade, or bubble.

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frosted film for glass

Photo of glass before installing Huper Optik Frost film.

window frost los angeles

Image of glass before adding frost film for Los Angeles business.

huper optik privacy frost

View of glass after installing frost film.

office window frosting los angeles

Privacy frost film blocks visibility when looking in and out of windows.

privacy window film frosted

Total privacy when looking in and out.