UV Protection Film for Luxury Department Store

This Beverly Hills Neiman Marcus store had a Huper Optik Ceramic 60 installed to protect their beautiful merchandise from harmful UV rays and to reject the heat from radiating through the windows. They were concerned about their floors as well as the luxurious items on display, however they loved the view and did not want to obstruct the windows. We recommended Huper Optik for heat rejection because it is simply the best on the market.

Huper Optik ceramics are the only 100% dye and metal free films on the market so there is no discoloration for the life of the product. With the Huper Optik ceramic 60, 60% of the visible light transmission comes through the window while blocking 60% of the glare and infrared heat and of course like all of the films we install they received 99.9% blockage of UV rays. This insures the best shopping experience for their customers as well as complete conservation of the clothing and the floors at this luxurious department store. All of our films include a 15-year commercial warranty, which covers the film and installation.

Our Beverly Hills Client was extremely pleased with the install and the new window tint looks remarkable.

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Blocks Infrared Heat

Huper Optik ceramic films block 99.9% of the ultraviolet rays that cause fading of floors and furniture.

Commercial Tint

Huper Optik Ceramic 60 installed at the Beverly Hills Neiman Marcus to block heat and harmful UV Rays