Los Angeles Commercial Frosted Window Film

Los Angeles is a booming community with tons of fine dinning, art museums, and many start up companies. Real estate in Los Angeles is very valuable and a great place to open up your business. People from all over the world come to Los Angeles for all the glitz and glamour it has to offer resulting in spending tons at local businesses. Well-versed business owners know just how important window tint can be, not only for eye pleasing appearance but also for UV protection and Privacy.

Stand out from other business owners.

Savvy business owners know that having a location with great ambiance and beautiful aesthetics is key to draw in customers. Not only that but they are mindful of the harmful UV rays that pose a danger to their location and patrons. With Frosted Window Film you can achieve protection and a breath taking aesthetic.

Key advantages of frosted film.

There are so many advantages to installing frosted windows. In addition to protecting your furniture and skin from harmful UV rays you can also reduce heat at your business location as well keeping it nice and cool during those sweltering summer days. Beautiful frosted windows can also save you big time on that air conditioning bill. Frosted windows are a much better alternative to pesky curtains and blinds; they are especially helpful with those stunning skylights you may have.

Peace of mind with Privacy.

Running a business can raise a lot of concerns and worry. Adding privacy film can help ease your mind. A layer of window privacy film makes the area private without sacrificing light. Frosted film can add privacy and ward off any unwanted interference in the space for all patrons and employees.

Los Angeles commercial window tint

Add heat reduction film to your windows

Los Angeles Commercial Window Tint

Add protection from harmful ultra violet rays

Los Angeles Commercial Window Tint

Frosted window tint will block out 99.9% of the suns harmful rays.

Los Angeles Commercial Window Tint

Comercial Frosted Window Film

Los Angeles Commercial Window Tint

Enhance your windows and prevent break ins with Security Window Film

Los Angeles Commercial Window Tint

Stop the fading of floors/furniture/valuables with UV protection film