Los Angeles Window Tinting – Home and Business

Whether you’re interested in window tint for home improvements, privacy window tint for office or retail space, or you’re considering energy efficient solar window film to cut your cooling costs, if you have a residence or business in Los Angeles, there’s just one place to call: Window Tint LA. We are the leading Los Angeles window tint installers thanks to the top quality window film we source, the skill and experience of our team, and thanks to our dedication to excellent customer service. Our prices are also competitive, and our window film installation projects are always completed on time.

Window Tint LA offers an extensive catalog of services for both home window tinting and commercial window tinting. From privacy frost window films to bold metallic tints to super strong security window film, we have the right materials to complete customized jobs for clients of all types and sizes, from the largest office towers or government facilities to your own lovely Los Angeles home.

In Los Angeles commercial window tinting customers are most often interested in the energy savings solar rejection window tint can afford them. We offer no obligation on-site surveys of commercial properties that help us create energy models, predicting a facility’s potential savings once a window tint installation is complete. By rejecting a large portion of the sun’s warming infrared light, commercial window tint cuts reliance on HVAC systems for climate control, reducing electric costs so much that even large office window tint jobs pay for themselves many times over in the long run.

These same commercial window tints also reduce interior glare, making offices and retail space more pleasant, making computer screens easier to see, but still allowing in plenty of the visible sunlight that helps keep people alert and motivated.

We also offer safety window film, a great idea for any Los Angeles business with ground floor windows. This almost invisible but extremely strong window film prevents glass from shattering into pieces when struck by a hammer, brick, or even debris thrown aloft by wind or by an accident. Windows treated with security window film may crack, but they won’t fall apart, so your business and merchandise remain safe.

Many of our home window tint customers come to Window Tint LA for the same reason as our commercial window film clients: they want a more energy efficient home. Residential window tint keeps your home cooler and more comfortable, meaning lower power bills and a smaller carbon footprint thanks to that reduced use of electricity. In Los Angeles residential window tint means that even during the long, hot months stretching from May to as late as October, the sunlight won’t be able to super heat your home.

Another major type of window film we offer is residential security window film: installing the same high grade safety film we offer commercial clients on the windows of your home means protection against burglary, vandalism, and even natural disasters. Privacy window tint for homes is a must-have for many Los Angeles homes, particularly in neighborhoods where tourists flock and where residents cherish discretion. Choose frost window film for total privacy or choose one way window tint so you can see out through your windows but the view in will be almost totally obscured by those outside. We offer low reflectivity window tint that offers a clear view out into Los Angeles both during the day and night.