Make Your Glass Look Good and Increase Safety

Do you know the building codes for your city? It is possible that your business may not be up to code. In some cities, it is law for businesses to add distraction markers to their glass. Distraction markers are added to transparent glass to make it more visible, to prevent people from possibly hurting themselves. Many people walk into unmarked glass causing numerous disasters.

Distraction markers can be added to any glass panel in your commercial space. The markers provide increased safety. The markers can also be used as a way of branding your business. Many businesses incorporate their logo into their marker. Distraction markers can also be used to add privacy. No matter how you decide to use the marker, it important to install it.

Window Tint LA offers all types of distraction markers. We can do any shape, size, or color you prefer. Do not wait until disaster happens to make a change. Call Window Tint LA today to prevent any mishaps at your business. We offer completely free consultations, will provide free film samples that are yours to keep, answer your questions, and provide a quote.

frosted window film

Frost squares applied to glass at a commercial building.

opaque film for windows

Frost window film added to make glass noticeable.

distraction marker

Frosted squares added to conference room windows

clear window decals

Distraction markers used to prevent disasters in commercial buildings.

building window tint

Close up of window film