Make Your Malibu Home Cooler and More Energy Efficient with Window Tint Film

Visible light makes up only a small percentage of the entire spectrum of sunlight. Ultraviolet and infrared light account for much more of the spectrum, and they also hold the dubious distinction of being potentially quite harmful. When you coat the windows of your Malibu home with quality window tinting, you won’t block out much of the pleasant visible sunlight you love about Southern California, but you will block out a vast majority of the ultraviolet (or UV) and infrared (or IR) light that’s best avoided. Now let’s discuss why UV and IR light can be so negative.

Ultraviolet light can fade and discolor your flooring, your upholstery, your decor, and the photographs and artwork filling your home. UV light cases a photochemical reaction with most every surface and material it touches, slowly but steadily altering the colors and vibrancy of flooring and furnishings. If move a piece of furniture or a rug that has sat atop a given section of hardwood floor for a long time, you’ll starkly see the effects. Only by blocking out UV light can you protect your beloved Malibu home’s interior and all the cherished things that fill it. High quality window tint can block out up to 99.9% of these insidious rays of light while still permitting plenty of pleasant and benign visible light into your home.

Infrared light is responsible for most of the sun’s warming properties. A good warm sunbeam can be perfectly pleasant on a cooler day, but when the temperature climbs during the summer time, you want to keep those hot rays out of the house. Once IR light has heated up your home, there’s nothing to do but switch on the air conditioning system and fans and wait for the power bill to surge higher. If you treat your windows with IR reducing window film, though, you’ll keep your home cooler in the first place, so there will be less need for the A/C and a smaller charge on the power bill. Window film also adds a layer of insulation to your windows, so whether you’re trying to keep your home cooler in the summer or warmer in winter, window film will help with your climate control needs.