Manhattan Beach Window Tinting

Window Tint LA works with all types of clients considering window film in Manhattan Beach; home window tint and commercial window tint clients of all types and sizes located anywhere in Manhattan Beach or the surrounding neighborhoods of Greater Los Angeles are all welcome to a free, no obligation project estimate including samples of the window films we offer, measurements of your windows, and information about the prospective benefits of window tint for your property. Whether you are interested in residential window tint for privacy or in window tint for your office that helps cut down on the sun’s heat, thereby cutting down on your energy costs, Window Tint LA is the place to call.

Window Tint LA installs window film for Manhattan Beach offices, schools, government locations, and more. Every project we take on is a custom job geared toward the specific needs of the client, with factors like privacy, security, and aesthetic appeal all balanced together. Those factors include:

Manhattan Beach Privacy Window Tint

We offer one way privacy window tint that will let you see through windows but that blocks the view in. We also install frost window film that lets light pass through the windows but makes them impossible to be seen through in either direction. It’s a good idea to get privacy window tint for homes or businesses situated near busy streets where the people or possessions inside need to be kept protected. Whether you have a family in your home or you oversee an office where the staff wants to feel secure at work, privacy window tint means freedom from the view of unwanted eyes, and that means more comfort and security.

Manhattan Beach Solar Window Tint

Solar rejecting window film will keep your Manhattan Beach home or business noticeably cooler by blocking out much of the sun’s hot infrared heat. IR light warms up interiors when it passes unchecked through windows even when the sun is not shining directly on the glass. Solar control window tint lowers electric bills by reducing the need to rely on AC and fans to maintain climate control. We also use UV window tint (window film that blocks ultraviolet light) that protects your property’s interior against sun fading. UV light fades and discolors hardwood flooring and carpeting, it bleaches upholstery and artwork, and it even damages your skin with long-term exposure. Our ultraviolet blocking window tint can reject as much as 99% of the sun’s harmful UV light.

Manhattan Beach Security Window Film

Keeping your Manhattan Beach property secure with frost or one way privacy window tint is a fine first step toward better security, but for truly improved property safety, we highly recommend security window film. These safety window films actually your windows much stronger and more resistant to damage even in the event of a break-in attempt, an accident, or a weather-related or natural disaster event. Security window film adds a thin but incredibly strong layer to the glass that will prevent it from shattering into multiples pieces even when cracked by impact or a blast. We offer security window films that also come with the benefits of one way privacy window tint, so whether you are thinking about home window tinting or business window tint, if you’re property is located anywhere in or around Manhattan Beach, California, please consider calling Window Tint LA today.