Marina del Rey Window Tinting for Home and Business

If you are considering window tint for Marina Del Rey office space, residences, or for retail or other commercial settings, consider calling Window Tint LA first. We are the leading installers of window tint in Marina Del Rey and across greater Los Angeles.

We will gladly offer an in-person meeting at your Marina Del Rey location during which we will inform you of the benefits of window film and offer a free estimate of the cost and time frame of an installation at your property.

In sun drenched Marina Del Rey residential window tint can keep interior temperatures many degrees cooler by blocking the sun’s warming infrared light. That means less reliance on fans, central air, or wall units, all of which run up your electric bill.

For many businesses, especially bigger facilities like office complexes or large retail locations, climate-control HVAC costs are the biggest electrical expense. The same solar rejection window tint that offers a residence a few hundred dollars off the power bill each year could mean many thousands of dollars of annual savings for a commercial location.

The same solar window tint that blocks the heat can also protect your Marina Del Rey property from UV damage. Ultraviolet light is invisible, but its discoloration of your hardwood floors, its fading of your carpets and furniture, and its damage to artwork, documents, and even your skin is certainly easy enough to see. It’s crucial to protect the interior of your residence, shop, or offices and keep everyone inside safer with UV blocking window tint; that’s why window Tint LA uses multiple window films that reject an astonishing 99.9% of the sun’s ultraviolet spectrum

Many of our clients in Marina Del Rey want privacy window tint for home improvement purposes. Applying privacy window tint to your residence will not reduce the quality of your view out into Marina Del Rey, but it will make it all but impossible for people to look into your home. You can opt for this type of one way privacy window film with either a reflective finish or a dark, more subtle finish.

Commercial privacy window tint is a must-have for many types of businesses, especially medical practices, fitness or beauty centers, or most any business with street-level windows. Keep your employees, clients, and visitors feeling safe and sound by keeping unwanted eyes from seeing in.

Window Tint LA also stocks multiple types of decorative (sometimes called “architectural”) window tint and window film that can greatly enhance the look of your Marina Del Rey property. We offer simple and elegant frost window film that lets natural light fill an interior but makes a window’s glass appear opaque. We also offer sleek, metallic window treatments perfect for the modern-looking residence or commercial property.

Don’t forget also to inquire about our marine window tint; we can help make your boat or yacht a safer, more enjoyable vessel thanks to the multiple benefits of window film, and our prices for marine window film are as competitive as any of the rates use back on land.