Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles Window Film Installation in Beverly Hills, California

Window Tint LA services many different projects, this project happened to be a Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles! Window tint jobs can be small or large no matter the size of the project Window Tint LA is ready for any project! Huper Optik Nano Ceramic window film can be natural and still keep out heat because of the infra-red rejection. Huper Optik DREI is a natural window film with a 98% infra-red rejection turning your existing windows into Super Windows.

Huper Optik Nano-Ceramic 30% Window Film

Huper Optik Ceramic 30% was voted by Popular Science magazine as #1 Smart Window Film in the industry. Huper Optik has the world’s first patented nano-ceramic technology. Ceramic 30 by Huper Optik is not only a dye-free window film, it actually block 63% heat rejection and 86% infra-red light. Window Tint LA only offers state of the art window films which in turn brings quick ROI for our clients.

Huper Optik Fusion Dual Reflective Mirrored Window Film

Mirrored window films would not be a good choice for this window film project because of the beautiful views. Mirrored window films at night have a reverse reflection causing minimal visibility when the lights are on inside and not outside. Ceramic window films are superior to metalized film in these scenarios: lake views, sky-line views, golf courses, and any other piece of glass that you prefer keeping the beautiful views. Metalized films are used for mainly commercial properties or homes that want privacy from lurking neighbors or pedestrians.

beverly hills window tint installation

Window Tint LA was Contracted to install window tint on Million dollar listing Los Angeles home in Beverly Hills, CA. The window film application is to lower energy costs and block harmful UV-Rays. Window Tint LA installed Huper Optik Ceramic Smart Window Film maintaing the beautiful downtown Los Angeles views.

Beverly Hills million dollar listing

Beverly Hills Sunrise View of downtown Los Angeles may be beautiful but definitely hot! Window Tint LA installs window tint on Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles Home in Beverly Hills, Ca. to block heat while maintaining the view. Window Tint LA offers a wide variety of window films like Solar Window film, architectural frost, Black Out, and Safety & Security film to name a few.

beverly hills home window tinting

Enjoy the beautiful views out without the harmful UV rays or the annoying and distracting glare. If your home has east and or west facing windows, the sun cause hot spots and excessive energy costs at peak hours of the day. Hiper Optiks’s patented nano-ceramic window film is completely dye free and metal free and was featured by Popular Science magazine as their smart green solution. Huper Optik’s window films include a transferable lifetime residential warranty which means when you sell your home, the new owner is protected by the warranty.