Palos Verdes Dusted Crystal Decorative Frost Shower Installation

This beautiful Palos Verdes home with a shower needed a finishing touch to make the bathroom look immaculate. Dusted Crystal Decorative Frost was the homeowners choice for their shower doors to present a custom look, while still giving them privacy they needed. This decorative tint makes a significant difference in ambiance and appearance in both commercial or home environments.

Before the Shower Makeover

Before Decorative Frost

Shower Privacy Finish

Huper Optik Dusted Crystal 3ML

Window Tint LA carries a variety of brands and styles to help you create the desired look you’re after. Our consultants will work one on one with you to create the vision you have in mind and bring that vision to life. Huper Optik Dusted Crystal 3 mil was the perfect choice. This film comes with a residential lifetime warranty.

Dusted Crystal Finish

After Pic of Decorative Frost

We used Huper Optik Decorative Frost Dusted Crystal that has privacy the homeowners wanted. They were delighted by how efficient and professional our installers were, paying close attention to every detail that this project require.