Prevent Turf Burning with Window Film

Summer is just around the corner, for southern California residents, that means sweltering heat. The high temperatures cause a major problem for residents with synthetic grass or turf. The glare from the sun reflects off the windows of your home and causes your turf to discolor and burn. As you know turf can be extremely expensive, therefore we want to help you maintain it.

We offer turf guard window film. The film stops the reflection so that your turf is not destroyed. We have a few different options. The most common is film that looks similar to a bug screen. The film comes in four different colors, black, gray, white, and clear. The second option is commonly used when visibility is not important. It is a frost film, which means it will block visibility in and out of the window.

The owners of this beautiful Santa Clarita home decided on the gray turf guard film. We installed the film on multiple windows of this home to prevent turf burning. We would love to help you preserve your investment. Call us today to schedule your free consultation. Our consultant will measure your windows, provide you with free film samples that are yours to keep, answer your questions, and provide an estimate on the spot! Call today, we are open 7 days a week.

residential window tinting

Turf guard window film installed to prevent burning and discoloring of turf.

non glare window film

Turf guard screen film allows visibility in and out of your windows

non reflective residential window tint glare reduction

Window film installed to reduce glare from the sun

anti glare film

View of second story windows after installation

tinting home windows cost

Close up of window film after installation

residential window tinting in santa clarita

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