Privacy Film for Los Angeles Honda Dealership

Adding window film to your commercial building has several benefits. Window tinting can assist with heat reduction by blocking up to 98% of infrared heat, increase privacy by blocking visibility, you can also apply security films to protect against brea-ins and Anti-Graffiti films protect your glass from vandalism such as scratches, acid etching and graffiti .

For this commercial building we removed film that was previously installed and installed Huper Optik’s Fusion Privacy Film to the windows of a second story office. Our one-way privacy film or “mirror window film” provides a natural view from the inside looking out, yet a reflective or mirrored looked from the outside looking in. This film provides privacy as well as heat reduction.

Huper Optik Fusion Series include a 15-year Commercial Warranty which covers both the film and the installation.

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window glass privacy film

Before removal and privacy film install

window tint business

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uv protective window film

Privacy film installed includes 15-year commercial warranty that covers film and install.

privacy window film one way mirror

Before and after photos of one-way privacy film with heat reduction

privacy window film one way mirror

Before and after photos of privacy film installed at a Los Angeles Honda dealership.

mirrored window tinting

Privacy film with a reflective look from the outside looking in.