Privacy Frost For Beach Front Home

For this beach front home in Malibu the owners were looking for a little bit of privacy on the balcony. After meeting with one of our senior consultants they chose to go with Huper Optik Frost. By adding frost it will block the visibility from both sides looking in and out of the windows. While giving you the privacy that you need the film will also add a certain aesthetic to your home.

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Huper Optik Frost Specs

Thickness 2MIL

UV Rejection 99%

Glare Reduction 19%

Visible Light Transmission 73%

Total Solar Energy Rejected 25%

Below are some pictures of the home’s balcony

Privacy Frost

Before balcony was frosted

Privacy Frost

Close up of the balcony after the frost was applied

Privacy Frost

Frosted Window Film was applied to the window

Privacy Frost

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