Privacy And Heat Reduction Window Film

For this home we installed to different types of window film. We used White Frost and Huper Optik Fusion 10. The home owners wanted to block out some of the heat that was coming into there home and to also get some privacy for the garage that was see completely see through allowing people to see the cars and bikes that were inside.

About Fusion 10
Huper Optik Fusion 10 is a film that has fusions of technologies for different types of performances and sustainability. The film also gives you privacy a lot with aesthetics where ever it is installed by giving people from the outside a mirror reflective look when they look at your home, yet allowing you to have a natural view from the inside looking out. Fusion 10 blocks 99.0% of harmful UV rays, reduces glare by 88% and still allows 11% of light in. this film is available in many different shades from light to dark.

All about White Frost

Huper Optik White Frost window film will block your visibility looking in and out, but it will not block the natural light from coming into the room. This film will give you total privacy day and night and still allow 73% of light in giving everybody the peace of mind they deserve in the home. You will also be protected from Harmful UV rays.

Below are pictures of the window film that we installed in this beautiful rom.

Privacy Film

Image before window was applied to the door window


White Frost was installed to the door


Get total privacy day and night with White Frost window film

Privacy Film

Picture of the garage before window film was installed

white frost for privacy

White Frost was applied to the garage doors to add privacy


Inside view of the garage

Hüper Optik Fusion 10

Fusion 10 was professionally installed to the windows

Privacy Film

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one way reflective window film

Inside view after Fusion 10 was applied to the windows

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