Privacy Window Film in Burbank, California

Privacy window film is a perfect alternative to shades and blinds because window film allows for natural light to shine in and lets occupants enjoy the view out while cutting glare, reducing heat, and providing privacy for the home or business.

One-way privacy window film will provide privacy during the day, however at night, with the lights on and it dark outside privacy from the outside is lost. For privacy both day and night, regardless of the lighting, architectural white privacy frost is recommended as it allows for privacy regardless of the lighting and allows for 73% of the natural light to shine in.

Privacy Window Tinting for your Home
People can truly relax only in their privacy and in the comfort of their homes, offices and cars. The protection of privacy is one of the reasons why window film companies would bring out the latest top-of-the-line privacy window film types. Apart from protecting your own privacy, only privacy window films and the company that sells them can actually give your home or car more than just your own private space. Here are a few questions you may ask first before buying your first privacy window film:

Privacy Home Window Film Installation

Privacy Home Window Film Installation – Burbank, California by Window Tint LA with Huper Optik Fusion 28%

Privacy Window Film Can Increase Home Security

A high quality privacy window film offers more than just concealing the inside of your home, car or business. The ideal privacy window film has an enhanced safety system that protects your place form any possible break-in or any act of vandalism. Specialized security window films hold the glass and glazing together. Thus, if the glass is shattered, it does not break apart into several pieces. Good privacy window films therefore also functions for crime prevention. Aside from preventing the quick entry of criminals, they also offer greater protection during natural disasters, particularly storms and hurricanes. These films have window treatments that are resistant to shattering. Lastly, they must also be able to protect the house, the office and the car from the negative impacts of sunlight. Sunlight can actually damage upholstery, flooring, documents and artwork. Eye damage may also result in humans and pet animals when they are always exposed to sunlight.

Privacy Home Window Tinting

Privacy Home Window Tinting

Latest Technology in Window Film

The basis for the protective “climate control” function of the privacy window film is its ceramic material and low-emissivity coating. Both qualities actually protect the people in the house or car from the potential damage of the sun’s harmful UV rays as well reduce the glare that comes in. The low-emissivity coating of the ideal privacy window film is the one that makes the heat of the sun bounce back off the house, car or office. The latest residential window film type rejects as much as 99.9% of the sun’s UV rays. In fact, nanotechnology privacy window films are also known as the #1 smart window film as seen on Popular science magazine. The reason for this is that an enhanced aesthetic curbed appeal that makes it an ideally decorative aside from being just protective. This smart window film, particularly the specialized anti-graffiti type, actually proves much harder to mark and easy to clean.

Home Privacy Window Tinting

Home Privacy Window Tinting

Go Green – Huper Optik Window Films are Energy Star Approved

Your perfect privacy window film is not only easy to clean – it is also very eco-friendly. With the reduced sun’s heat entering the house, you should know that this is due to the low emissivity property of the window film coating. The result is simple – reduced energy bills. With heat rejections of up to an actual value of 78%, there is a more efficient way of maintaining temperature. With low temperature, the thermostat need not work much harder.

One-Way Privacy Home Window Film

One-Way Privacy Mirror Home Window Film

Professional Window Tinting with a Lifetime Residential Warranty

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