Privacy Window Film in Encino, Ca

In a neighborhood of Los Angeles known for famous current or former residents, privacy window film in Encino, Ca seems a no-brainer. This enclave of the San Fernando Valley boasts as current or former residents the likes of John Wayne, Al Jolson, Johnny Carson, Johnny Cash, John Travolta, Tom Petty, Ron Howard, Ice Cube and Foo Fighters leader Dave Grohl. And that’s just a partial list. Not only would privacy window film do wonders to protect personal freedom, Encino also is known to get quite hot especially in summer and early autumn months so adding a bit of protective power to windows adds comfort and saves a lot of money.

Older, Wiser and Private Residents of Los Angeles

This part of the City of Los Angeles, in the southeastern side of the Valley with about 45,000 residents, holds one of the lowest population densities in all of the city. The neighborhood population also is a bit old overall for the area, with a median age of about 42 and a high percentage of residents older than age 50. Many people have lived in the same Encino home for many years and they respect and protect their privacy. Quality privacy window film, such as those produced by Huper Optik or LLumar, prevent peeks into your household while at the same time conserving energy.

Technological Advances with Today’s Window Films

Privacy window film in Encino does not have to mean putting a “limo tint” on all the windows – essentially very dark tint shades that let in only about 5 percent of light. But a subtle tint shade, say of 50 percent, or a decorative style like frosting, can do wonders to obstruct visuals into homes or businesses while not dramatically impacting the ability to see from inside-to-out. Today’s modern window films engage modern technological advances like nano-technology or ceramic-based protection that can make a world of difference for the interiors of structures. So you can get more privacy as well as comfort inside your Encino property.

Encino Businesses can Benefit Too from Quality Window Film Application

Aside from celebrities or affluent from boosting privacy, there are a lot of businesses in Encino that could benefit from not only a bit of privacy but also the added comfort for customers and employees, plus considerable savings on electricity bills on an ongoing basis. There are an estimated 3,800 businesses with about 27,000 employees who could be more productive in a more comfortable environment. Quality window films can result in the savings of hundreds if not thousands of dollars a year in electricity bills as air conditioning units can be left alone. With $1.4 billion worth of payroll in Encino it’s amazing that more businesses don’t go after the potential boost in worker productivity.

Investing for the Future in Encino and the San Fernando Valley

Encino is a Los Angeles neighborhood with affluent residents, some who are quite famous, and many others who are divorced or are U.S. military veterans. It’s a fairly unique part of the San Fernando Valley, not far from Hollywood but with enough separation from the real urbanized areas of L.A. to keep residents comfortable. Privacy is important for residents of Encino and for nearby neighborhoods like Tarzana or the Ventura Boulevard business strip. A one-time investment into quality window film for structures is a move with an eye on the future.


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Window Tinting In Encino

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Window Tinting in Encino

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