Privacy Window Film in Palms, an Under-the-Radar Los Angeles Neighborhood

People hear the neighborhood name and might assume it’s the desert resort town to the east which suits these residents just fine; privacy window film in Palms makes perfect sense since these are residents who don’t mind when outsiders can’t find them. This is the oldest neighborhood that ever was annexed into the City of Los Angeles, and today its residents appreciate not necessarily its seclusion – it’s surrounded by West Los Angeles, Culver City and Mar Vista so Palms is not a resort – but they do value their privacy and relative anonymity. Residential privacy window film in Palms achieves what most of the neighborhoods residents want most.

Visitors Galore through Palms – Potential Burglars Galore

This little enclave of the City of Los Angeles was originally called “The Palms” and if you visit the area you’ll see plenty of them. But then again you’ll see palm trees all over that area. This is a Westside region with a surprising 42,000-plus residents – a number that would be a big city in places like nearby Ventura County. Not only is there a lot of vehicular and pedestrian traffic in Palms due to its residents, but many visitors or “strangers” because it’s bordered by some of the busiest freeways in America. Being near freeway ramps means be prepared to deter potential criminal activity.

Palms and Freeway On-Ramps: Great Reason for Privacy Window Film

Burglars or would-be break-in artists love being near on on-ramp. Getting away from the scene is a big part of the plan, if indeed they plan. In Palms it’s hard to get away from the insanely busy San Diego Freeway (405) as well as the moderately less insane Santa Monica Freeway (10) and the always popular Venice Boulevard – the main borders of this Los Angeles neighborhood. If you own a home or business property in Palms, privacy window film is a wise consideration.

The Palms Long Predates the Huge 10 and 405 Freeways

Before being eaten by the City of Los Angeles, The Palms was founded in 1886 long before the massive freeways were built that now bound the neighborhood. Nowadays it is mostly residential, with a considerable amount of apartment buildings but also single-family homes in the northwest portion, and little strips of commercial land like most areas of Los Angeles.

Palms Neighborhood of Los Angeles – Trivia

  • The Palms, as it was then known, was annexed into the City of Los Angeles in the same election (1914) as the San Fernando Valley. Everyone knows the story of the Valley getting “eaten up” by L.A. Few if any talk about Palms getting the same treatment; the residents there wanted it for reasons that were important back then, like water rights.
  • In the same 1914 election, Culver City residents voted “no thanks” to join the City of Los Angeles.
  • The neighborhood name is not from palm trees within its (unofficial) boundaries per se – but from some a distance away. Reports are that the palm trees were downtown, “near the Southern Pacific depot.” By the 1920s the neighborhood was simply called “Palms” in L.A. city pamphlets and the shorter version stuck.
  • The little 1.9-square mile neighborhood sits in a diagonal position between Mar Vista, Culver City and West Los Angeles; it’s rough borders include two heavily-used freeways, the San Diego (405) and Santa Monica (10) freeways (on the west and north respectively), and Venice Boulevard on the south.

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