Privacy Window Tint In Orange County

The owner of this contemporary home in Irvine was interested in adding some privacy. We installed Huper Optik Fusion 10 to increase privacy. This film offers privacy, high heat rejection, and protection against ultraviolet rays. This a exceptional window film and includes a lifetime residential warranty.

Here are some specs for this film:

Visible Light Transmission: 10%

Total Solar Energy Rejection: 67%

Ultra Violet Light Rejection: 99%

Glare Reduction: 88%

Call Window Tint LA today to find out which window film will suit you best. We offer completely free consultations! We will answer your questions, measure your glass, and give you film samples that will be yours to keep. We are open 7 days a week and are ready to assist you!

window tinting home

View of windows from inside before installing film

tint for home windows

Privacy film allows you to keep a natural view when looking out your windows

residential house tinting irvine

Increase privacy with window film.

mirrored window tinting for homes

Close up of window film after installation