Protecting Your Van Nuys Residence with Window Tint

The Van Nuys region is popular for families looking to establish themselves in a lovely home. It is accessible by several of LA’s major highways, real estate is relatively affordable, and the weather is pleasant all year round, though rather warm in the summer.

Due to the varied zoning laws of Van Nuys, the region has lots of commercial property that brings a steady flow of non-residents. The common presence of strangers is motivates many Van Nuys homeowners to improve the security measures in place at the their homes.

Applying security window film to the windows of a Van Nuys home is a cost-effective and noninvasive upgrade that promises increased safety and security for the residence. Unlike a security alarm system, window film installation does not affect any aspect of the existing property. Unlike window bars or cages, window tint will not change the look of a residence. And unlike fences, camera systems, or any other home security upgrade, in Van Nuys, security window tint pays for itself over time by reducing your electric bills. More on that in a moment.

Security window tint protects your Van Nuys residence by reinforcing the window panes, making them highly resistant to breaking apart. If someone tries to break in through your home’s windows, the glass may crack spider web patterns and will need replacement, but they won’t fall apart, and they will not allow access into your residence. Security film can prevent most thieves from entering a home, and can greatly slow down even a determined burglar, allowing for plenty of time to place a call to the authorities. And best of all, security window film offers this enhanced protection without changing the way your home looks; you will enjoy the same level of protection as offered by metal bars or metal screens, yet without such unsightly additions to the property.

As mentioned earlier, in Van Nuys window film for homes can save you an impressive amount of money. By blocking out much of the infrared solar energy that is responsible for interior warming, window tint helps prevent your home from getting uncomfortably warm, thus limiting the need for air conditioning system and fan usage. Window tint blocks out dangerous and harmful ultraviolet light, which can cause fading and which can even ruin flooring, drapes, upholstery, bedding, and more over time. Applying window film means a cooler, more affordable, and better-protected home.

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Window film can stop your glass from breaking and also reduce the heat that comes into the home

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