Protective Residential Window Film for Toluca Lake Homes

“The sun’s harmful rays can be a “silent destroyer,” present even on cloudy days, chipping away slowly at your property’s value.”

For a place with property value-conscious residents like Toluca Lake, residential window film with protective qualities has to be attractive. Many of the older homes in this east San Fernando Valley neighborhood that bleeds a bit into the City of Burbank have been upgraded with hardwood flooring, expensive carpets or other new elements to boost the attractiveness and value of the properties. Toluca Lake homeowners with such amenities are wise to consider a protective residential window film on all those glass openings. The sun’s harmful rays can be a “silent destroyer,” present even on cloudy days, chipping away slowly at your property’s value.

A 24-7 Protection Solution for Toluca Lake Homes

Protective residential window film in Toluca Lake, and for nearby communities like Valley Village and Universal City, provides a long-lasting solution that works around the clock to protect your home and its insides. It’s an investment against fading or cracking, a one-time cost that can pay real dividends down the road. Replacement windows can be expensive, sure, but think of the cost to repair or replace carpet faded in one spot by too much exposure to ultraviolet rays (UV rays). Also, infra-red rays (IR rays) produce heat also, and make it hard to keep older homes cool.

Great Range of Options for Residential Window Film

Enter residential window film in Toluca Lake. Quality window films like those produced by manufacturers Huper Optik or LLumar reject more than 99 percent of UV rays and good portions of IR rays. They are available in a great variety of tint shades, such as a 30-percent charcoal shade which means just that amount of light will be allowed to penetrate into a home’s interior. This can be important when selecting a residential window tint. Most homeowners still want some natural light inside, for ambiance and to highlight beautiful features. Ask us for help with choosing a quality, durable residential window film.

Energy (and Electricity Bill) Savings with Residential Window Film

Toluca Lake floors, upholstery and furnishings will begin to dry out and start the fading process as soon as the first morning sunlight enters the home. People can think all they want that they can control it by pulling the blinds or shades, but no one is perfect. A residential window tint provides peace of mind that your interior property is always protected. Additionally consider the cost savings. It can mean hundreds if not thousands of dollars in savings in electricity bills when you don’t have to run the air conditioning system as often. That alone should be quite an enticement to explore the world of residential window film.

Make Your Home More Comfy All the Time

This part of the San Fernando Valley and City of Los Angeles gets plenty of sunshine and heat. With State Route 134 cutting the neighborhood in north-south halves, residents here must deal with traffic congestion as well as sunshine. Who wants to come home from work on a hot summer day to … more heat? Residential window films can significantly cool temperatures inside a house, regardless whether you’re home or not. Contact us today for Toluca Lake residential window film options such as tint shading or decorative films like the frosted look.

Heat Reduction

Preserve your natural view looking out

UV Protection

Protect your family’s health with window tint to block harmful unhealthy UV rays

Heat Reduction

Decrease your monthly energy bill with window film

UV Protection

Put an end to your floors fading with window tint