A Few Reasons Eagle Rock Window Tint Makes Sense

Eagle Rock is one of the fastest developing areas in Los Angeles. The area has tens of thousands of residents and grows annually, and if you were to ask each one of them to name something they love about their area, after they mentioned the dining, retail, and cultural aspects, “the weather” would be your answer often enough. However, ask an Eagle Rock resident how they like the weather in the dead middle of the summer and you will hear more groans than cheers.

To beat the heat in the sunny summer of Eagle Rock, don’t close the blinds and crank up the AC, just try out residential window film and block out much of the solar energy responsible for interior warming. Window tint blocks most of the invisible but hot infrared sunlight that makes a home too hot for comfort and that leads to greatly elevated electric bills during the warmer months of the California summer.

For the average home or business in Eagle Rock window tinting will actually pay for itself over time (and many times over, in fact) – you really will see your electricity bill drop as your air conditioning units and fans simply run less often. But reduced electric bills are only one benefit of window films. You can also opt for window films that will block the view into your home or business, increasing your privacy and security. As severe weather events and even earthquakes tend to visit Eagle Rock from time to time, you’ll be glad to know that tough, durable residential window films can prevent glass from shattering even when a window is struck by an object hurled by high winds or as a home is shaken violently. Our window treatments also help prevent against breaking and entering attempts.

Looking for enhanced curb appeal for your home in Eagle Rock? Window films can offer you numerous decorative options, from frosting to patterns, to colors. And contrary to popular misconception, the view from within your window tinted property won’t be diminished at all. You can see out through windows treated with tinting with perfect clarity; it’s the unwanted eyes trying to peer in who will see nothing but a crisp, clean looking window.

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Window tint installed to increase privacy in home.

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Ceramic window film installed to block heat

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Window film protects your floors and furniture from fading

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Maintain your natural view and lighting with ceramic window film