Reduce Heat with Home Window Tinting Redondo Beach

Home Window Tinting in Redondo Beach can help you lower you cooling costs and reduce heat in your home.

What’s the cheapest way to cut down on your Redondo Beach, CA property’s cooling costs? Simple! Just turn off the air conditioning and the fans and sit there sweating through the long, sunny Redondo Beach summers! Oh, and don’t forget that it’s usually in the upper 80s clear through October, to…

OK, what’s the actual best way to reduce your home’s or business’s HVAC expenses? Just tint those windows and block the hot sunshine that warms things up in the first place.

After all, you don’t have to cool down what never heated up in the first place!

And don’t worry, we mean it when we say “block the hot sunshine.” Our window tint treatments permit the majority of the beautiful sunlight you enjoy to stream right on through, keeping your interior spaces bright and inviting. Solar window film is designed to accept visible light and block those parts of the spectrum that are warming and/or damaging. In fact, most of our heat rejecting window tints can block at least 80% of the warming infrared rays that would otherwise heat your interior. And some modern window films can block out almost 95% of these unwanted sunbeams!

Heat reduction window film will pay for itself over time!

When your property stays cooler, you don’t need to expend energy by running air conditioning units and fans. And thanks to the visible light the window tinting treatments don’t block, you won’t need to turn on lots of lights to compensate for anything.

Home Window Tint film creates better insulation!

Window film also helps your windows provide better insulation for your interior, so your property will better maintain your desired temperature, meaning further reduction of HVAC costs. That’s true whether you are concerned about lowered cooling costs or about lower heating expenses, too: Redondo Beach may be a jewel in sunny Los Angeles’ crown, but it also sees temperatures dip down into the 40s often enough, and gets its share of cold rainy days. Your treated windows will help maintain warm interior temperatures just as well as they’ll help keep things cool.