Reduce Heat With Window Film

Looking to reduce heat? Want the best film? Looking for something that is out of this world so to say? Window Tint LA has what you are looking for! Huper Optik Select Drei is the best film not only on the market but, in the world. This film is literally out of this world. Huper Optik Select Drei was to be used on the NASA Space Shuttle. This films sole purpose was to block the heat from coming in while the pilot was flying around in space. If this film can stop a shuttle from burning up when flying through the atmosphere then just imagine what it could for your home or business.

For this business they decided to go with the Huper Optik Select Drei to reduce the heat in an all glass elevator. The elevator was catching an abundant amount of heat during the summer, making it virtually unbearable to riding in the elevator. And who wants to choose between riding in a smoldering hot elevator or taking the stairs carrying groceries, or a baby, even just yourself.

Huper Optik Select Drei Specs
VLT 35%
UV 99.9%
IRR 98%
61% Glare Reduction
70% Total Solar Energy Rejection
U-Value 1.04

Below are some pictures of the elevator after the installation

Reduce heat

Before window film was applied to the elevator

Heat Reduction

Picture of elevator after Huper Optik Select Drei was installed

Heat reduction

Lifetime Residential and 15 Year Commercial Warranty

Heat reduction

Reduce a great amount of heat with window film

Reduce heat

Huper OptikSelect Drei was Professionally applied to this elevator

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