Reject 60% Of Infrared Heat With Ceramic 60 Window Film

Ceramic 60% Window Film was chosen for this Los Angeles Home to reduce heat, protect the floors and furnishings from fading, and overall increase the comfort of the home.

Huper Optik’s metal and dye free ceramic 60 window film blocks solar heat and 99% of UV rays. UV rays cause fading to furniture, curtains and flooring. Using this film was important for several reasons—because this is a dye free and metal free film it will preserve the view by providing the most natural tone and look from the glass without the possibility of a blue shift that dyes can cause. Additionally this window film will not fade or turn purple.


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Hüper Optik Window Films are constructed with nano-sized coatings and hyper-clear polyester which makes for some of the best optical films available. Compare Hüper Optik films next to any competing product and you will be amazed at the difference. Views are enhanced with spectral selection of desirable wavelengths in the visible light spectrum and glare can be reduced up to 80%.

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All our films come with Lifetime Residential Warranty and 15 years Commercial Warranty. Our films will never fade, bubble, or peel. Call us today to set up a free consultation (310)935-1748.

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The Huper Optik Ceramic 60 Window Film comes with a lifetime residential warranty and commercial fifteen-year limited product warranty. This film also reduces glare and fading of interior upholstery. Not just that but also saves energy by reducing fuel/electricity consumption.

Huper Optik Ceramic 60 Window Film Installation

Hüper Optik nanotechnology residential window films not only greatly reduce the amount of heat (solar energy) in your home, they also reject 99.9% of the sun’s ultraviolet rays. These ultraviolet rays are a significant cause of skin problems and fading of home interiors. While protecting valuable home furnishings, the nonreflective films have the added feature of low reflectivity at night so that the view is not obscured.

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Huper Optiks Ceramic 60 Window Film Rejects 60% of Infrared Heat.

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Hüper Optik® Ceramic films are 100% metal-free, 100% dye-free and will not peel nor fade. Ceramics are known to be the most durable material capable of enduring the harshest environments, on land and at sea. Take a look at our range of Nano Ceramic Series films.