Remove & Replace Home Window Tinting in Huntington Beach

Huper Optik Ceramic Series Film, which is dye free and metal free, was installed after the previously installed window film was removed. The old film had faded and delaminated over time. ]

Huper Optik’s Ceramic Home window film carries a lifetime warranty against fading, blistering, cracking, delamination etc, so this is the last time the howe owner will have to pay to have their home window film removed and replaced.

This home is located in Huntington Beach though we provide home window tinting and commercial window tinting for all of Los Angeles County, Orange Counties and all surrounding areas.

Below are the before and after pictures of the project.

Home Window Tint Installation - Huntington Beach, CA

Home window tint installation with Huper Optik Ceramic Series window film. This picture shows how the window film still allows for light to come in and provides a natural view out for the homeowner

Home Window Tinting Huntington Beach - Huper Optik Ceramic Window Film

Huper Optik’s Ceramic home window film provides a natural view out, and a natural view in while blocking 99.9% of harmful UV rays as well as infra heat and glare.

Home Window Tint Installation - Huntington Beach, CA

This is the client supplied picture showing the existing window film that had discolored and delaminated over time, both issues the homeowner will not have to worry about their new Huper Optik Ceramic Dye Free & Metal Free home window film

home window tint removal

Another “Before” picture of the window with the faded and delaminated window film that needed removal.