Residential Anti-Graffiti Window Film in Atwater Village: A Snapshot


“Atwater Village may be small in population and geographic size; but it’s big on history and preserving its heritage.”

Talking about residential anti-graffiti window film in Atwater Village is like discussing leg-warmers or spandex pants today: it’s a peek at the past, really. This diverse neighborhood in Los Angeles, squished between the City of Glendale to the east and the Los Angeles River on the west, is a throwback to the past compared with most communities in the region. Whereas in the past, vandalism and graffiti may have been a huge concern in this neighborhood as well as others nearby like Los Feliz, it has tapered off in recent years overall.

That doesn’t mean residential anti-graffiti window film is irrelevant in Atwater Village and the vicinity. You see, most structures in Atwater Village are originals – the neighborhood ranks among the top in Los Angeles County in terms of the number of structures built before 1939. Atwater Village may be small in population and geographic size; but it’s big on history and preserving its heritage. For that reason, residential anti-graffiti window film makes … perfect sense.

The ‘Sacrificial” Window Film

Longtime Atwater Village residents are proud of their properties. So when some bonehead mars glass, facades or other elements of a home or business, they can take it personally. Windows especially are expensive to replace if painted or scratched. If you coat a home’s windows with what’s known as “sacrificial” anti-graffiti window film, replacement is unnecessary. The film takes the brunt of the vandalism, gets peeled off and tossed aside. The window looks like nothing happened – a vandal’s nightmare.

Residential anti-graffiti window film is especially recommended for houses, apartments, condos or one-story business buildings in busy, mixed-use areas. Even high-end areas like Westwood or Beverly Hills, with a lot of visitors, tourists and whatnot, get transients and others with bad intentions on the mind. Street-level windows are vulnerable, and to avoid time-consuming cleanups or replacements, have anti-graffiti window film applied.

Commercial Applications for Anti Graffiti Window Film

Atwater, as it was originally known (the “Village” part was added in 1986), is bordered of course by the much bigger Glendale to the north and east, Silver Lake and Griffith Park to the west (across the river), and Glassell Park to the south. More than 15,000 people call it home. In recent years the neighborhood has enjoyed a bit of an economic resurgence, with a nice mix of businesses along Glendale Boulevard including hipster bookstores, antique shops, bars and restaurants. Businesses along busy corridors should always be cognizant of the potential to have to clear graffiti any morning. For them, anti-graffiti window film is a great investment, not only to save money but to protect the brand.

Service Comes with Anti Graffiti Window Film

Anti-graffiti window film can be customized with relative ease by our experienced installation technicians, on windows at homes, businesses and commercial structures. Installation is not disruptive, and definitely less than a full window replacement. We provide free estimates, for the cost of the residential anti graffiti window film installation, for Los Angeles-area residents. With anti-graffiti window film, we guarantee that we will promptly arrive to remove and replace the films if your home or business is victimized by graffiti.

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