Residential Tint for Lakewood: ‘Example of Post-War Suburb’

A residential tint in Lakewood can be a statement. In this city of more than 80,000 residents north of Long Beach, organization and conformity seem the norm. Many houses look alike – clean, well-kept, and, well … nice. Go bold and improve the exterior appearance of your home with a decorative window tint. Lighten the look with a frost, or go with a dark tint shade to change the broad appearance of the front side – all the while keeping the interior cooler. Beyond looks, window tint films offer a lot of protection for you, the family, visitors and everything else inside the home.

The Sun’s Rays: Subtle Destruction

The sun’s rays, namely ultraviolet rays (UV rays) and infra-red rays (IR rays), are insidious. Day after day you might not notice them, until one day years later you notice the drapes need replacement, or there’s fading on the carpet in one corner. Solar energy is a powerful force that we don’t appreciate except when we get sunburns or something gets really damaged during a bright sunny day. Inside a home, we can tend to get a false sense of security thinking we’re shaded. But those big windows all around the house that we like to look through also let in the potential for peril.

Inspect Total Solar Energy Rejected Data for Residential Window Films

Lakewood is relatively close to the Pacific Ocean but it’s far enough inland so sunny days can bring some real heat. The sun’s rays directly are one thing, but overall there’s solar energy. Quality window tint films like those delivered by Huper Optik, LLumar and 3M provide excellent solar energy rejection rates, and they’ve proven durable over the years. No one wants to invest in tinting several home windows only to have them replaced in just a few years. Huper Optik and LLumar even back up their products with limited lifetime warranties.

Reduce Exposure, Cost Savings with a Residential Tint

A residential tint on homes in Lakewood as well as in nearby Bellflower, Cerritos, Cypress and Hawaiian Gardens provide protection for humans as well as the overall property. Over time sun rays dry out, crack and otherwise damage wood floorings, carpets, drapes, sofas and other furniture. Wood sidings and support beams, plaster and drywall, much of your home could be exposed to damages. A residential tint is a one-time investment into the future of your home and its long-term re-sale value. It also is a cost-saving nod by protecting the items inside the house so replacement is unnecessary.

Add Safety to Homes in the ‘Instant City’

Lakewood is sometimes noted as an “instant city” because of how it blossomed from lima bean fields in the ‘50s to a developed municipality by the next decade. Some cite Lakewood as “a classic example of a post-World War II suburb.” Many of those houses built in the ‘50s and ‘60s still stand, and co-mingle with newer models, and all of them could use better insulation and protection against exorbitant electricity bills. Adding tint film to glass windows strengthens them in case of a sudden impact, holding the glass to the frame and maintaining a barrier to get inside. This is a safety element that residents of Lakewood would appreciate. For more information about a residential tint in Lakewood please call us today!

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