Residential Tint in Seal Beach, Calif.

Getting a residential tint in Seal Beach means taking action to protect your property and its value – despite the often natural coolness of this little seaside community. The highest monthly average temperature might be 85 degrees (in August), but the sun shines plenty in this town of about 25,000 people. The community is dominated by the military – a majority of the city’s acreage is devoted to the Naval Weapons Station Seal Beach base – but there are plenty of private residences. The city features nearly 15,000 housing units – and many of them could benefit greatly with a residential window tint. Here’s why.

Big, Numerous Windows: Good and Bad

This slice of beach in the westernmost corner of Orange County is popular for its beaches and sunshine. That said, many of the homes are older, and if not they’ve been modernized so they have a common denominator: lots of windows, some very large. Being able to see the ocean and nearby sites is wonderful; but you have to consider the flipside. They also let in a lot of light and solar energy. This impacts your electricity bill during hot months as air conditioning units are used more often. Solar rays also can hurt humans and damage items inside. All told, doing nothing to protect your home from the sun’s power is ill advised.

Myriad of Benefits from Residential Tint in Seal Beach

Carefully selected and properly applied residential tint in Seal Beach – as well as in nearby Long Beach and communities like Westminster and Los Alamitos – can provide a numerous of benefits, including:

  • More Privacy. People who walk by homes can tend to peek inside open windows. Some of them might like what they see inside, leading to break-ins. A good, dark tint shade can help nip the urge before it starts. With quality window films, this application won’t impact your vision inside-to-out.
  • Energy Savings. Cooler insides mean using the air conditioning less, resulting in lower electricity bills.
  • Storm Protection. Window films strengthen window glass, good for beach-side communities like Seal Beach, Long Beach and Huntington Beach.
  • Safety. As with above, window tint film holds glass together in case of an impact, avoiding shards of glass injuring people and pets.
  • Visual Improvement. Aesthetically improve the exterior appearance of your home from the curb. Darker tint shades add a different look, but really change it with multiple decorative window film options.

Rejecting Heat, Blocking Bad Rays

On top of reduced energy bills, residential tint additions also provide more efficient temperature maintenance inside homes, boosted by better window insulation plus heat-rejection levels up to 78 percent. Most modern window tint films (and we use only high-quality window films) reject more than 99 percent of the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays (UV rays) known to cause skin cancer in humans and also dry out and damage property. Thinking ahead to the re-sale value of your Seal Beach home? Think about how the sun’s powerful rays have dried out wood floors, sidings, hand rails, etc. You may have to replace items if they’ve been sun-drenched for too long.

A Residential Tint for Every Desire

The window films we use are designed to reject UV rays and reduce glare, but also still let in welcome light that makes your interior warming. Quality window films by manufacturers like LLumar, Huper Optik and 3M offer a wide variety of benefits. Those interested in residential tint in Seal Beach and nearby communities can choose precisely what they want from the film: protection, cost savings, cooler interior and much more. Call us today for more information about a residential tint on your home!

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