Residential Tinting in Signal Hill, Southeast Los Angeles County

Getting a residential tint in Signal Hill, a small incorporated city surrounded on all sides by the City of Long Beach, makes sense from numerous angles. First there are the many homes with huge windows purposely placed to face where the views are. Atop Signal Hill one can get a wonderful view of the Pacific Ocean, the impressive operations of the ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles, and to the hills that host first San Pedro, and then Rancho Palos Verdes. Depending on the home’s angle, these big windows can let in a lot of light – as well as solar energy.

Differentiate Your Property with a Residential Tint

Always in the shadow of Long Beach, and even often sharing things (like ZIP codes, until 2002), the 2.2-square-mile city is indeed situated on a hill. About 12,000 people call it home and appreciate its separated-ness from the big, diverse Long Beach. Homeowners wishing to further distinguish their properties from those “down the hill” or elsewhere nearby can change the exterior appearance with decorative window films. These can provide a frost, or a certain tint shading like 30 or 50 percent, to lighten or darken how the windows appear from a distance. It’s an aesthetic application of window tint film.

Residential Tint in Signal Hill: Property Value Protector

They say the moment a new car rolls off the lot it begins losing value. The same could be true of wood floors, furnishings, window treatments and upholstery with the sun’s rays. From the moment the first sun rays creep through until the last fading light at dusk, a process attacks your interior items that over time dries them out and causes failure. It can be very subtle, and something that’s hard to combat yourself day-to-day. That’s why high-quality window tint films like those made by Huper Optik, 3M and LLumar are so valuable for homes. Their films reject the sun’s light and solar energy consistently, providing peace of mind even when you forget you had film on the windows.

One-Time Investment for Long-Time Value

Window film is a relatively small one-time investment that protects your home and cherished items inside for years to come. A residential tint in Signal Hill or nearby neighborhoods like Los Altos, California Heights or North Long Beach is an investment for the future. Sun rays can cause real damage that people often don’t notice until it’s too late. Most window films, especially the high-quality variety, reject more than 99 percent of the sun’s ultraviolet rays (UV rays), which are known to cause skin cancer in humans but also chip away at the value of wood, plastic and other materials inside homes and cars.

Get that Solar Energy Rejected, Totally

A residential tint in Signal Hill preserves your home from real, long-term damages. It also protects people and interior property from being hurt, by rejecting harmful rays and solar energy. When looking at window films for your Signal Hill property, ask about their Total Solar Energy Rejected (or, just say TSER and see if the installation company knows) figure. Higher numbers indicate high-performing films, for those purely interested in protection. But window tint selection is in the eye of the beholder, with some people focused on making their house look better from the street; others may have interest only in saving money on their electricity bill; and still others may just want their homes cooler. All worthy desires. Contact us today for more information about residential tint installation and services.

Heat Rejection

Save on your monthly energy bill with window film

UV Protection

Protect you family from harmful UV rays

Heat Rejection

Lifetime Residential warranty covering the installation and film

Heat Reduction

Control the heat in your home with window film