Residential Window Film for Agoura – the ‘Old Town’

“… not every resident can afford the monthly electricity bill needed to crank the A/C whenever the sun shines too brightly.”

Yet another heat wave is announced and you’re stuck in an Agoura home with no residential window film installed. You can pull all blinds and drapes and try to pray the vicious sunlight away. Plus maybe crank up the air conditioner and wait it out. Hopefully you have a back yard pool to dip into to cool off. Because it gets hot in old-town Agoura and nearby Agoura Hills and Oak Park. And not every resident can afford the monthly electricity bill needed to crank the A/C whenever the sun shines too brightly. There must be a better solution.

Discover the (Cool) World of Residential Window Tinting

This unincorporated community of Los Angeles County has a bit of history on its side, with an old stagecoach stop there in the 1920s, plus previous names like “Picture City” when Paramount Pictures owned a nearby ranch for filming outdoor scenes and Westerns. When the City of Agoura Hills incorporated land to the northwest, the “Old Agoura” neighborhood as it’s often called remained not in the city but part of the county. Regardless of changes over the years, one thing is certain: it can get brutally hot at this junction of the Ventura Freeway (101) and Kanan Road that leads over the mountains to the Pacific Ocean.

Even Modern Clear Window Films Block Dangerous Rays

Because there are decent views available in the area namely of mountain peaks or valleys, it is not most desirable to go with a full-on blackout window tint film. Those are good for home theaters or media rooms where the blackout film can make the rooms feel like a real theater with the only light coming from a screen. Modern residential window tinting films can be clear or nearly clear, yet still pack a protective punch from the significant power of the sun. Quality window films like those made by Huper Optik reject up to 99.9 percent of ultraviolet rays (UV rays) which are known to cause skin cancer.

Residential Window Film Can Save Considerable Piles of Cash

On top of that these quality, modern window films also reject a good portion of the sun’s infra-red rays, which are essentially the sun’s light that produces heat. So the double-punch of stopping UV rays and IR rays keeps home interiors cooler and air conditioning units off, saving hundreds if not thousands of dollars in electricity bills each year. Beyond energy savings, these films come in a variety of tint shades and even decorative frosted films. Homeowners can spruce up the exterior appearance of their properties with residential window tinting, and gain other benefits while doing it.

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The same window films that block most UV light still can let in a majority of visible light to enlighten your Agoura home. Please contact us today for more detailed information! Like with most areas of Greater Los Angeles, Agoura residents enjoy hundreds of days of sunshine every year. Sunlight is great for tourists, but left unaddressed it can cause considerable problems for properties. Hardwood floors, artwork on walls, merchandise in retail outlets, UV light chips away at everything. Hardwood flooring especially those made of maple or oak is known to bleach and yellow with too much UV exposure.

UV Protection

Save your floors and furniture with UV blocking window film

Heat Reduction

Lower your monthly energy bills

Heat Reduction

Reduce the amount of heat the comes into your home

Reduce heat

Heighten the look of your windows