Residential Window Film in Alamitos Heights of Long Beach, Calif.

“Modern residential window film in Alamitos Heights can deliver surprisingly wonderful results.”

There’s much to say about this neighborhood, but to say residential window film in Alamitos Heights – a little neighborhood of the City of Long Beach, Calif. – is unnecessary is for the uninitiated. Residential window film helps improve homes and properties in a number of ways, among them rejecting solar energy and saving money in the long haul. Most Alamitos Heights homes were not built yesterday, so the nooks and crannies and un-weatherproofed structures can leak cool air right when you need to keep it most. Enter residential window film to prevent the heat overload in the first place.

Peace of Mind that Your Alamitos Heights Property is Protected

Home values in this rather triangular chunk of a big American city are solid. Alamitos Heights properties are in demand for a number of reasons, among them proximity to the ocean, and a wonderful climate that rivals any in the Greater Los Angeles area. Add to that a neat mix of house styles plus enough nearby commercial activity to keep the economic vibe alive, and you have an L.A. area neighborhood that’s not boring to visit. Now, maintaining those property values can be a task. Put residential window film on a house or local business property and you get peace of mind that the investment is protected – in Alamitos Heights, the 4th Street Corridor[or any other nearby neighborhood.

Benefits of Going Ceramic with Home Window Film

For instance, take a look at this Brentwood home, adorned with home window tinting with Huper Optik Ceramic 50 window tint. The “50” denotes how much light will be allowed to penetrate into the home’s interior; so this particular film is right in the middle. However, despite the tint shade selected for residential window film in Alamitos Heights, quality window films (like this one from the Germany-based company) reject more than 99 percent of ultraviolet rays (UV rays) and provide other cooling benefits. Without touching a thermostat, homeowners will enjoy cooler interiors and lower electricity bills with residential window film.

Fight the Dangers of Solar Energy

Modern residential window film in Alamitos Heights can deliver surprisingly wonderful results. Today’s films, including the nano-ceramic film noted above, are keen on keeping the dangers of solar energy at bay while still providing a sleek and chic exterior appearance. On top of the energy savings and cooler interiors you get with residential window film, you have a great selection of styles and tint shades to match your home’s look and make it appear that much better. Come re-sale time, differentiation is a big deal. That is, how is your home different than those of similar size with almost the same features? Add a nice window tint film and not only look better, but tout the savings on monthly electricity bills.

The ceramic film also rejects an estimated 68 percent of the heating infra-red rays (IR rays). But again, protection from the sun is but one of several potential factors in deciding whether to go with a residential window film in Alamitos Heights. Consider what you really want out of it, whether it’s saving money, protecting your property’s insides or just having a cool-looking older house, and contact us to explore the possibilities. Think durability, too, as quality window films like those from Huper Optik are known not to fade or otherwise deteriorate over time. Residential window film is a one-time, wise investment to protect your property for years to come.

Alamitos Heights at a Glance

This Long Beach neighborhood is not to be confused with the City of Los Alamitos to the east in Orange County, nor the Alamitos Beach recreation area to the southwest. It is bordered roughly by Pacific Coast Highway (PCH) diagonally along the northeast boundary; Santiago and Monrovia avenues to the west; and Colorado Street to the south. It’s a distinct neighborhood and community among several dozen such designations in Long Beach.

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