Residential Window Film in Bridle Path, the West Simi Valley Enclave

If any neighborhood in the East Ventura County area needs it, window film whether for security or privacy in Bridle Path of Simi Valley should be atop the list. In particular Privacy window film in Bridle Path, this pseudo equestrian community of winding wide streets among the soft rolling hills makes perfect sense. Broadly the community is safe, pretty much secluded from the rest of west Simi Valley by its location away from the main “village” of this city exceeding 125,000 people. The trouble is you often get people on horseback riding on dirt paths right in from of your home, plus cars passing by as simple looky-lookers, and trouble can arise from what they might see inside.

Add Privacy to Your Residence in an Already Private Community

This neighborhood in the southwestern corner of the City of Simi Valley is nestled among the southern hills of the town pretty much at the south end of First Street before it bends west toward Wood Ranch. This is a unique place built in the mid-1970s and is unlike most others in town because it’s zoned for property owners to keep horses on their property. This can be good or bad for homeowners. It’s not always known who precisely these horse riders are – they could come from any part of town – so additional measures to protect your privacy such as residential window film can be a wise idea.

Residential Window Film as a Crime-Deterrent Measure

The 630 or so Bridle Path homes here are pretty spread out on decent-sized lots, with a decent mix of ranch-style homes many with pretty large back yard lots. In terms of safety the area is patrolled by the police department but because of its relative lack of crime figures patrols can be sporadic. A strong deterrent to even the thought of criminal intent is residential security window film especially on front windows that tend to be large to let inhabitants see from the inside-out to the views of the beautiful open hills. Security window film can include deep tint shades or even decorative frosts that prevent passersby from seeing clearly inside.

Safety Measure in Case of Accidental or Vandalism Breakage

Not letting would-be culprits break in is part of the job with residential safety film in Bridle Path or nearby neighborhoods like Wood Ranch or Sinaloa Lake. The second part is safety. Should a hard object strike a window, glass improved with window film won’t just explode into a zillion little pieces and leave a gaping entrance to your property. The film holds the pieces, albeit broken, into place and often still attached to the frame serving as an obstacle to entry. On top of that, the film serves as protection from people or pets inside from the propelled flying shards of glass. Often this film is known as safety film for that very reason.

Attraction Point come Re-Sale Time in Bridle Path

The Bridle Path Homeowners Association is among the most active in town as these homeowners truly care about their properties and the neighborhood they live in. Selling a Bridle Path home usually is not difficult given their sizes, unique styles and location in town. However come re-sale time it does not hurt to differentiate by being able to say the window film actually keeps the insides cooler and therefore saves owners hundreds if not thousands of dollars each year in electricity bills. Today’s modern window films reject almost all ultraviolet light from the sun, which are known to cause skin cancer but also heat up homes more than you might imagine. Call us today for more information about safety or security window film in Bridle Path or other areas of Simi Valley to learn about the true benefits of this simple home-improvement project.


Residential Window Film in Simi Valley

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Residential Window Tinting Simi Valley

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Residential Window Film in Bridle Path

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Residential Window Film in Bridle Path, the West Simi Valley Enclave

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Residential Window Film in Bridle Path, the West Simi Valley Enclave

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